XPLORER CS is a state of the art web based business stage which brings the furthest down the line nearby and worldwide products to your doorstep. We offer a wide choice of items from prestigious brands in Bangladesh with a commitment of quick, protected and simple web based shopping experience. From electronics to gatget, there will undoubtedly be something for everybody in XPLORER CS in Bangladesh.

XPLORER CS has been established on 1 Jan 2016. From that point to now, XPLORER CS has won the core of many individuals and presently is a far reaching prestigious Shop. That has been conceivable because of the difficult work XPLORER CS has done to fulfill its clients. Having the plan to fulfill clients, furnishing clients with their necessary items, and being consistent with their witticism, “Clients Start things out,” has carried XPLORER CS to the top decision for Online business Destinations in Bangladesh and is perceived as the biggest PC and Tech retailer. XPLORER CS is situated in Dhaka New Elephant and Keraniganj. Aside from the Actual Branches, We additionally have our fruitful Internet business site.

Consumer loyalty

We have been on the lookout for quite a while, and we have come to understand what the clients need and want. We have made switches up our clients with the goal that we will actually want to satisfy the cravings of every one of our clients. We need to work on increasingly more to have the option to give everybody their ideal or envisioned items. We are giving internet purchasing amazing open doors to our clients, and giving conveyance administration to every one of our items all over Bangladesh. We give the best after offers client support to our clients to cause them to feel that we really do think often about their ownership and furnish them with the best answers for their concerns.

Our Vision

Our prime target is to give our customers the best product & service at a fair price. We always follow rules we have to satisfy our customer with our service & quality. We want our customers to enjoy & Trust shopping through us instead of shopping directly from the store

Our Mission

Our mission is to strengthen retailers’ channels for the customers through better service and quality products satisfying the ultimate goal of the Seller and customer. Our efforts to ensure better customer satisfaction, to greatly enhance the entire process of interaction during retailers effectively communicate with individual consumers with shopping friendly features.

Trade License
No: 20212613860003624

No: 430798116