XPLORER CS is a cutting edge e-commerce platform which brings the latest local and international goods to your doorstep. We offer a wide selection of products from renowned brands in Bangladesh with a promise of fast, safe and easy online shopping experience. From electronics to fashion, there is bound to be something for everyone in XPLORER CS in Bangladesh.

XPLORER CS has been founded on 1 Jan 2016. From then to now, XPLORER CS has won the heart of many people and now is a country-wide renowned Shop. That has been possible due to the hard work XPLORER CS has done to satisfy its customers. Having the aim to satisfy customers, providing customers with their required products, and being true to their motto, “Customers Come First,” has brought Star Tech to the top choice for E-Commerce Sites in Bangladesh and is recognized as the largest Computer and Tech retailer. XPLORER CS is located in Dhaka New Elephant and Keraniganj. Apart from the Physical Branches, We also have our successful E-Commerce website.

Customer Satisfaction

We have been in the market for a long time, and we have come to know what the customers want and desire. We have made changes around our customers so that we will be able to fulfill the desires of each of our customers. We want to improve more and more to be able to give everyone their desired or dreamed products. We are providing online buying opportunities for our customers, and providing delivery service for all of our products all over Bangladesh. We provide the best after sells customer service to our customers to make them feel that we do care about their possession and provide them with the best solutions for their problems.

Our Vision

Our prime target is to give our customers the best product & service at a fair price. We always follow rules we have to satisfy our customer with our service & quality. We want our customers to enjoy & Trust shopping through us instead of shopping directly from the store

Our Mission

Our mission is to strengthen retailers’ channels for the customers through better service and quality products satisfying the ultimate goal of the Seller and customer. Our efforts to ensure better customer satisfaction, to greatly enhance the entire process of interaction during retailers effectively communicate with individual consumers with shopping friendly features.


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